Golf jokes today is it? Here’s mine

by admin on April 4, 2014

A three-man group, a doctor, a priest, and an engineer are playing a golf course on a beautiful summer day. After a few holes they realize the group ahead of them is progressing incredibly slowly; the doctor flags down the groundskeeper and asks "What's taking them so long? I've got patients to see this afternoon!"

The grounds keeper explains, "Well, we had a fire in the clubhouse a few years back. A group of firefighters was able to save it, but they lost their sight in the blaze. Since then, we allow them to play for free whenever they like."

The doctor responds, "That's terrible! I'll speak with the ophthalmologists I know, perhaps one of them can help these poor men."

The priest nods before adding, "I'll keep these men in my prayers and see about getting donations from my congregation for the families"

The engineer looks at the doctor, priest, and groundskeeper and asks, "Why can't they just play at night?"

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