Fred and Jim are walking through the desert and are dying of thirst.

by admin on March 16, 2014

They can see three tents in the distance and they reckon they might be saved, but Johnny suddenly falls to the ground. "I'm dying!" he cries. "I can't go on unless I get some water. Help me!" So Fred goes on ahead, promising to try and find some water.

Fred hurries on, and eventually makes it to the tents. He enters the first one and sees that it's some kind of shop.

"Please help me!" says Fred to the man behind the counter. "My friend is dying of thirst, can you give me some water?"

"Sorry mate," says the shopkeeper, "got no water. I can give you some custard if you fancy it?"

"What? No! I want water! Please, just a little bit of water."

"nah mate, it's custard or nothing."

Shaking his head, Fred heads into the next tent. He finds a man with a stall and our determined hero once more asks for some water.

The man just shakes his head. "Nope. No water here. How about some sponge cake though?"

Fred is getting angry now. "What the devil would I want sponge cake for!" he snarls and storms out.

In the third tent another man waits behind another stall.

Fred is desperate, and he's practically begging now but the the shopkeeper just laughs in his face. "Water? You're having a laugh mate. But while you're here, can I interest you in some top quality whipped cream?"

Fred is really angry now "If I wanted some whipped cream I would have bloody well asked for it. Now are you going to give me some water or not?." But the shopkeeper is having none of it and shows Fred the door.

Fred heads back to Jim, who's lying feebly in the sand. "Did you get me any water Fred? Just a drop, for an old friend?"

"Sorry Jim, there's no water to be had for love nor money. I think we might be done for."

"Say it ain't so Fred! What about the tents? What happened there?"

"Well," says Fred "it was a trifle bazaar…"

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