Bill Clinton and Pope Francis die on the same day…

by admin on September 24, 2015

Through some error, Clinton goes to heaven and the Pope to hell. Realizing the mistake, St. Peter calls Satan in hell on the phone to explain the mix up. Satan acknowledges the mix up and that it must be corrected, but says they will have to wait 24 hours for the change to occur. 24 hours later Pope Francis is on his way to heaven and Clinton on his way to hell. They pass each other on the way. "Sorry about the mix up," says the Pope. "Oh that's alright, could've happened to anybody I suppose," Clinton replies. "I'm looking forward to heaven!" Francis says. "Why? It's not that great." "I've always wanted to meet the Blessed Virgin Mary." Clinton falls silent for a moment. Finally he says "oh, I'm sorry Holy Father… you're about a day too late."

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