A rich man stops at a traffic light next to an old bum on a bicycle.

by admin on February 26, 2015

The bum lean over to check out the fancy vehicle of the other man and asks him:"Why would you buy such an expensive car?" The rich man replies:"Old man, this baby can go 0 to 200 in 2.3 second, it has a twin turbo engine, and 600 horse power, that's why!" The bum shrugs and isn't impressed, so the rich man decides to show off and as the light turns green he guns it. He accelerates to top speed losing the bum in the rear view mirror. He then decides to slow down as to avoid a ticket. In a few seconds, he sees that the bum on the bike is gaining on him, and in a flash, the old man passes the rich man. The rich man is astonished at such a sight, so he speeds up again, and passes the bicyclist going faster than before. The man slows down again only after he is sure he lost the bum in the rear view. Yet, to his greatest surprise, the bum passes him again. The rich man starts to get curious, so he passes the bum and pulls over to find out how this old fart managed to overtake him twice. As the rich man is climbing out of his vehicle, the bum slams into the rear bumper tumbling off the bike. The man is furious:"What the hell are you doing old man?!" The old bum answered:" Trying to get my suspender unhooked from your side mirror."

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