A priest, a Teacher, and an Engineer.

by admin on March 9, 2014

3 of them are best friends and one weekend they decided to go to town to have a drink and inadvertently got drunk to a point of blacking out. Upon waking up they found themselves arrested, guiltily charged of a crime and sentenced to death by electrocution. The priest is strapped to the chair

"Any last words?"

"I may have sinned by drinking to drunkenness, but for all the good deeds I have done and all the faith I have put into people, I believed that god will protect me from being electrocuted!"

And the executioner pulled the lever, but nothing happened. Perhaps this was a miracle? The Executioner decided to let the priest go.

When it was the teacher's turn,

"Any last words?"

"I educate people to make the world a better place, I am an important part of society, as well as a christian, therefore I believe god will save me from execution."

The executioner pulled the lever once again, but nothing happened. the Executioner decided to let him go.

When it was finally the engineer's turn,

"Any last words?"

"I don't believe religion or miracles, but I know that I will not be executed."

And so the lever is pulled, and yet again, nothing happened. The executioner is confused and asked why.

"Because you will never execute anyone if you don't connect the chair to an outlet."

Source: Recalling a joke from a really old issue of Reader's Digest (2007 I think). This joke was originally in Chinese and I merely translated it in my head.

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