A man walks into a gay bar and orders a drink

by admin on February 20, 2015

The bartender looks him over and can tell he doesn't belong there so he walks over with the drink.

"Hey you know this is a gay bar?" The bartender asks

"What!? Bullshit" the man replies.

"No seriously, have a look around"

At this the man looks around. Everyone is dressed very well, well groomed and it becomes obvious he is in a gay bar.

"Well shit I just ordered this drink!" Says the man.

"That's fine all you need to do to signal you arent gay is put this little umbrella in your drink"

The man grabs the umbrella in a rush and pops it into his beer.

After a few drinks he has started to make a few friends. Turns out the gay community is a lot of fun!

Finally one of his new friends says to him "you know this bar has a bit of a tradition".

"Oh yeah?" The man asks.

"Sure! it is bar tradition that you nickname your penis"

"Bullshit!" The man exclaims.

"No seriously, you see Jake over there, his is nicknamed Pepsi"

"Why?" The man asks.

"Because it is for the next generation! Oh and Claude here nicknamed his Coca Cola"

"Why?" The man asks again

"Because it is the Real Thing" they answer chuckling.

"Well geez alright let me think" the man says and he sits for a few minutes to think.

"Alright" he says finally "Ill call it Secret"

They all laugh, and highfive then the bartender finally asks "why Secret?"

"Cuz it's strong enough for man but made for a woman!".

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