A joke my art teacher told my class

by admin on February 28, 2015

There was a little down in Italy with a church with a bell. The priest would have to run up 80 flights of stairs to reach the bell and ring it to show the people it was noon. Now, the priest was old and could not longer walk up the stairs and ring the bell. He decided it would be best to find an assistant to do it for him. One day the priest put out a bunch of flyers about how he was looking for an assistant and anyone whk was interested should come to the church.

After two weeks of no responses, the priest was hopeless until he heard a knock on the church door. He opened the door to see a man with no arms standing there.

"Hello my son, what is your cause of being here?" He questioned the man.

"I am here for the bell-ringer position. Is it still open?" The man replied.

"Well yes, it is, but how could a man like you ring a bell?" The priest asked.

"Trust me, father, I will be able to ring that bell. I promise." The man responded.

The priest, not wanting to turn away a man for his disability decided to let the man try. If he could ring the bell at noon that day, he would get the job. The man, excitedly ran up the stairs and the priest waited for noon to come.

At noon, on the dot, the bell rang as loud as ever. The priest was shocked and for the first time in years he ran up the stairs to the bell. When he got to the top, he was panting, and began to speak to the man.

"My son! How on Earth were you able to ring that bell?" The priest said in between breaths.

"Father, you might think I kicked the bell but then I would lose my balance and fall. Instead, I bang my head as hard as I can against it." The man said with a smirk on his face.

The Priest was shocked to hear this, "My son! Doesn't that hurt you?" The Priest asked.

"No father, if it did, I would not have applied for this job."

The Priest took the man's word and decided to let him keep the job. From that day on, the bell rang beautifully, at noon exactly every time. About two weeks later, the bell didn't ring. The man had fallen from the tower to the street below!

The police arrived at the seen and began questioning individuals. The Priest came running out and met the officers by the horrific corpse.

"Father, do you know anything about who this man was?" The officer questioned the Priest.

"I'm so sorry officer, no I don't even know his name. However, his face rings a bell."

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