Super Bowl Sunday

by admin on February 1, 2015

During the Super Bowl there was another football game being played: big animals vs small animals. After the first half the big animals were crushing the small animals. Nevertheless, the coach of the small animals gave a rousing halftime speech to keep spirits high.

The second half begins and the small animals are on defense. On first down the elephant is stopped for no gain. Then on second down the rhino is stopped for no gain. Finally on third down the hippo is sacked for a five yard loss.

After the series, the coach gathers the defense on the sideline and says, "Who stopped the elephant?"

"That was me," responses the centipede.

"And what about the rhino on second down?" the coach continues.

Again the centipede responds, "That was me too, coach."

Lastly the coach asks who sacked the elephant.

Yet again the centipede takes credit.

The amazed coach says, "Well where were you the first half?"

"I was getting my ankles taped."

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