Squinkies Bubble Pack – Series One

by admin on September 30, 2010

What are Squinkies?

The world of Squinkies fits in the palm of your hand. These tiny and soft and squishy figures are so cute you’ll want to collect them all. The Squinkies come in their very own little bubble container; it’s a surprize inside. Rings and things big and small. This you can collect them all.

In total, there are three series, Series One, Series Two and Series Three. This are usually bought together, for just $51.76. And each pack contains 16 different beautiful Squinkies Bubbles! Making a total of 48 unique and collectionable toys.

This is an amazing gift for girls over 4 years old, it isn’t recommended to be gifted to small childs as there is a warning on choking hazard. But it is ideal for 4 years old and above.

There is a huge quantity of great Squinkies toys related to that you can make your daughter to collect.

And the Squinkies commercial is incredible fun, show it to your daughter and she will certainly want to have them all. And are on a great sale in Amazon. It is probablly one of the best gifts ideas for your daughter.

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